Our services includes:
• Comprehensive information on markets and suppliers
• Product designing and development
• Product allocation based on Lead-time,quality and cost
• Co-coordinating sample approvals, laboratory testing and raw materials supply
• Supervising shipping and other logistics service
• Undertaking rigorous quality assurance inspections.
• Social compliance audits at vendor production locations

Quality is ultimately a question of customer satisfaction. Good Quality increases the value of a product or service, establishes brand name, and builds up good reputation for the garment exporter, which in turn results into consumer satisfaction, high sales and foreign exchange for the country. The perceived quality of a garment is the result of a number of aspects,

which together help achieve the desired level of satisfaction for the customer. Therefore quality control in terms of garment, pre-sales service, posts -sales service, delivery, pricing, etc are essentials for any garment exporter. Main fabric properties that are taken into consideration for garment manufacturing for export basis:

• Overall look of the garment
• Right formation of the garment
• Feel and fall of the garment
• Physical properties
• Colour fastness of the garment
• Finishing properties
• Presentation of the final produced garment.